A book for anyone, but indeed a precious new Homeopathic Materia Medica for medical doctors, a Miasmatic-Idiosyncratic one, born out of 25 years of clinical practice of Classical Homeopathy by the author, 162 pages

-Analysis of basic idiosyncrasies like Sulphur, Argentum Nitricum, Gelsemium, Thuja, Valerian, Platina and Phosphor
-Hierarchic Analysis: Miasmas, Basic Passions, Essence, Thinking, Evolutionary Level, Influences, Stressful Conditions, Intellectual Patterns, Emotions, Primary and Secondary Behaviors, Usual roles, External Appearance, Usual physical and psychological Predispositions, Frequency and Relative Idiosyncrasies
-Clinical Analysis through live lectures of the author to medical doctors
-Emphasis on the essence of each idiosyncrasy
-Introduction to the new promising method of Miasmatic Idiosyncratic Homeopathic Diagnosis.

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